Wednesday Winner: Abecedarian

YWW: Abecedarian

This week’s Your Word Wednesday was selected by four of our users. Here are their reasons for choosing abecedarian:

Michelle D. from Old Bridge NJ said “it amuses me that the word for someone learning the alphabet would be pronounced ABC-darian. It’s a fun word.”

Kiera E. from Charleston, SC said “it’s fun to say. It’s unusual. And we all find ourselves as abecedarians at times.”

Miranda F. from Henrietta, TX said “it is a simple word with a simple meaning that makes you slap yourself for not knowing it.”

Akhil G. from West Orange NJ said “it sounds like you are reciting the alphabet. Thought that was interesting.”

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  1. baberaham lincoln -  May 29, 2014 - 3:24 pm

    i like this word because if you ever find yourself using it in a piece of writing you can be sure that whatever you’re writing about is of interest to absolutely zero people and you can pretty safely use it for kindling


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