Religious Titles, Writings, and Organizations

  • Titles of people serving in positions of religious organizations and churches are capitalized when used as proper nouns. Words referring to God and other deities are capitalized, e.g. ‘the Holy Spirit’, ‘He created us’, except for ‘who’, ‘whom’, and ‘whose’. Proper nouns for saints, apostles, and prophets are capitalized.
  • Religious organizations, churches, and their members, as well as adjective derivatives, are capitalized. Religious denominations, sects, and movements are capitalized. The word ‘church’ standing alone is capitalized when referring to a specific body or place.
  • The books of the Bible and its parts, including well-known passages and prayers, are capitalized. Books of the Bible may be abbreviated in references to specific passages. Other sacred documents are capitalized.
  • Religious concepts and events are often capitalized, e.g. ‘Crucifixion’, ‘Creation’.
  • References to the Eucharistic rite ar capitalized: ‘Mass’, ‘Holy Communion’, ‘the Sacrament’, etc. Other services are lowercased, e.g. ‘high mass’, ‘bar mitzvah’, ‘confirmation’.
  • Religious objects, e.g. ‘rosary’, are not capitalized.
Books of the Bible
(Authorized (King James) Version, Revised Standard Version)

Old Testament

Genesis:  Gen./Gen
Exodus:  Exod./Ex
Leviticus:  Lev./Lev
Numbers:  Num./Num
Deuteronomy:  Deut./Deut
Joshua:  Josh./Josh
Judges:  Judg./Judg
1 Samuel:  1 Sam./1 Sam
2 Samuel:  2 Sam./2 Sam
1 Kings
2 Kings
1 Chronicles:  1 Chron./1 Chron
2 Chronicles:  2 Chron./2 Chron
Nehemiah:  Neh./Neh
Psalms:  Ps./Ps
Proverbs:  Prov./Prov
Ecclesiastes:  Eccles./Eccles
Song of Solomon:  Song of Sol./Song
Isaiah:  Isa./Is
Jeremiah:  Jer./Jer
Lamentations:  Lam./Lam
Ezekiel:  Ezek./Ezek
Daniel:  Dan./Dan
Hosea:  Hos./Hos
Obadiah:  Obad./Obad
Jonah:  Jon./Jon
Micah:  Mic./Mic
Nahum:  Nah./Nahum
Habakkuk:  Hab./Hab
Zephaniah:  Zeph./Zeph
Haggai:  Hag./Hag
Zechariah:  Zech./Zech
Malachi:  Mal./Mal

New Testament

Matthew:  Matt./Mt
Mark:  Mark/Mk
Luke:  Luke/Lk
John:  John/Jn
Acts of the Apostles:  Acts
Romans:  Rom./Rom
1 Corinthians:  1 Cor./1 Cor
2 Corinthians:  2 Cor./2 Cor
Galatians:  Gal./Gal
Ephesians:  Eph./Eph
Philippians:  Phil./Phil
Colossians:  Col./Col
1 Thessalonians:  1 Thess./1 Thess
2 Thessalonians:  2 Thess./2 Thess
1 Timothy:  1 Tim./1 Tim
2 Timothy:  2 Tim./2 Tim
Titus:  Titus/Tit
Philemon:  Philem./Philem
Hebrews:  Heb./Heb
James:  James/Jas
1 Peter:  1 Pet./1 Pet
2 Peter:  2 Pet./2 Pet
1 John
2 John
3 John
Revelation:  Rev./Rev

Religious Titles
(with abbreviations)

archbishop (Arch. or Archbp. or Abp.)
archbishop of Canterbury:   Capitalize if part of formal title.
archdeacon (Archd.)
bishop (Bp. or Ep.)
cardinal (Card.)
dalai lama
father (Fr.)
holy father:   Variant for the pope or pontiff.
mohammed or muhammad
mother, mother superior
rabbi (R.)
reverend (Rev. or Revd.)
right reverend (R.R. or Rt. Rev.)

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