See if your football fanatic friends can explain the meaning and history behind these common football words. Let’s start with the most confusing term in the game: touchdown. The football does not need to touch the ground in order to score, and for most of the game the last thing a player wants is for the pig skin to make contact with¬†terra firma. The contradictory nature of the term touchdown is a holdover from rugby, where the ball must indeed¬†touch to score points.

(Why is soccer called football almost everywhere except the United States? Learn why two sports share the same name.)

What about the weird words that a quarterback says before the ball enters play, “hut, hut, hike?” There isn’t a dictionary definition or explanation for why these words in particular are used, but this is what we know. “Hut” has long been used in military marching cadences as a surrogate for “one.” Hike is the signal to execute the snap, “to put (the ball) into play by tossing it back to the quarterback or other member of the offensive backfield, esp. from between the legs when bent over double and facing the line of scrimmage; center.” The use of hike probably relates to its meaning “to hike something up,” like a pair of pants. The motion of the snap is arguably similar.

The quarterback used to be known as the blocking back. The “back” part of the word refers to the player’s position behind the offensive line. The designation of “quarter,” “half,” or “full” indicates the distance from the formation on the 50-yard line. The quarterback is behind the tacklers; the half backs further out, and the full back is the player behind the rest. The “back” terms aren’t as relevant as they once were; newer formations position players differently and assign different roles to team members.

Do you have any other football term questions? Throw them out there, in our comments section.

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“Homecare Homebase software provides excellent documentation capability and immediate online access to patient records and service information,” said John Albright, Director of IT for the VNACJ. “For many of our nurses, the Redfly offers the flexibility of using a larger screen and keyboard to input and review information or images. The additional benefit to the solution is that it gives our field staff a laptop experience in a more cost-efficient, travel-friendly and light-weight manner, without the costs or risks normally associated with laptops.” The Redfly is a mobile companion device with a large screen and full keyboard that enables VNACJ’s clinical field staff to use Homecare Homebase’s PointCare application on their company-issued HTC Touch Pro PDAs. Since the Redfly has no hard drive, the patient data stays entirely secure on an encrypted database on the nurse’s handheld device–an especially critical issue for the healthcare industry, which continues to drive procedures that ensure HIPAA compliance. site htc touch pro

The VNACJ said that it recently deployed more than 200 Redflys to its field clinicians, and has plans for a complete rollout of 300-400 units by the end of the year.

“Visiting Nurse of Central Jersey shows how a company can use Redfly and combine it with a fully integrated software solution like Homecare Homebase to save money and improve efficiency and patient care,” said Kirt Bailey, president and CEO of Celio Corp. “The Redfly is ideal for any company with a mobile work force that is looking to leverage their investment in smartphones and handheld software applications.” ((Comments on this story may be sent to health@closeupmedia.com))


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    I have a football question. Why do we even still watch football?

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    wats with the QB liftin his leg bfore recivin the hike????

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    I haven’t yet figured out what…”I thought my true love was playing football bit found he was trying out for a spot on the cheerleader squad” has to do with the topic…guess we can add the term “Laid” (as in getting” to “laid back” in reference to quarter, half, full etc. back…
    Guess I’m trapped as now I’ll have to return to this site to see the brilliant responses I’ll get….take care and stay well Corney

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