Personal Names

  • Proper nouns, nicknames, or epithets for specific people are capitalized and usually not abbreviated. If the first and middle names are abbreviated, they are spaced and punctuated.
  • Nicknames, epithets, and fictitious names are capitalized. If a nickname or epithet is used between the first and last names, it is often enclosed in quotation marks and/or parentheses.
  • Family titles are capitalized unless preceded by a modifier, e.g. ‘I know Mother was born in 1921.’, ‘His mother is sweet.’.
  • Words/phrases designating people of a country, race/tribe, religious belief are capitalized, e.g. ‘Italian’, ‘Cherokee’, ‘Methodist’. Words/phrases describing a person by skin color, size, or peculiarity are lowercased, e.g. ‘black’, ‘dwarf’, ‘redneck’. Language names are capitalized, e.g. ‘English’.

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