Historical Events and Periods

Proper nouns for names of specific cultural and historical events are capitalized, as Seattle World’s Fair, Great Depression, the Crash. Historical and cultural periods and movements that are widely recognized in archaeology, anthropology, geology, or other technical fields are capitalized, e.g. Middle Ages, Dark Ages, Iron Age; see PART 1 for specific entries. Popular terms as ‘nuclear age’ are lowercased. Proper nouns which numerically describe a historical period are capitalized, e.g. ‘Roaring Twenties’ or ‘the Third Reich’. Proper nouns for names of wars are capitalized, e.g. the American Revolution, the Gulf War.


Age of Man
Age of Reason
American Revolution:  1775-1783.
Arab-Israeli Wars
Atomic Age:  Began December 2, 1942.
Bronze Age:  Approximately 3500-1000 B.C., between Stone and Iron ages.
Christian Era
Civil War:  1861-1865.
Crusades:  Approximately 11th-13th centuries.
Dark Ages or Middle Ages:  Approximately 5th-15th centuries.
Depression or the Great Depression:  Began October 28-29, 1929; continued through the 1930s.
Elizabethan Age
Fall of Rome
geological periods:  They are: Early Precambrian (Archean), Late Precambrian (Algonkian), Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Mississippian, Pennsylvanian, Permian, Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, Tertiary (Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocene), Quaternary (Pleistocene, Holocene).
Gilded Age:  Approximately 1875-1900.
Ice Age
Industrial Revolution:  Approximately 1750-1850, England.
Iron Age:  Began approximately 1350 B.C., through 800-500.
Jazz Age:  Began in 1920′s.
Korean War:  1950-1953.
Last Supper
Lent:  Means the 40 days from Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday, the day before Easter, excluding Sundays.
Lord’s Supper
Louisiana Purchase:  1803.
Mardi Gras
Middle Ages or Dark Ages:  Approximately 5th-15th centuries.
Norman Conquest:  Approximately 1066-1070.
Peloponnesian War:  431-404 B.C.
Reconstruction:  1865-1877.
Reformation:  Began 16th century.
Reign of Terror:  1792-1994.
Renaissance:  Approximately 1400-1600 in Italy; in Europe to mid-17th century.
Restoration:  Approximately 1660-1688.
Roaring Twenties:  1920-1929.
Space Age:  Began October 4, 1957, launching of Sputnik 1.
Spanish-American War:  1898.
Stone Age:  Earliest human development, approximately beginning 2 million years ago.
Thirty Years War:  1618-1648.
V-E Day:  May 8, 1945.
Victorian Age:  Approximately 1837-1901.
Vietnam War:  1954-1975.
V-J Day:  August 15, 1945
War of 1812:  1812-1815.
World War I:  1914-1918.
World War II:  1939-1945.

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