Document Titles

  • The titles of published and publicly available books, magazines, newspapers, poems, movies, plays, and works of art are capitalized (except for articles, conjunctions, prepositions, and ‘to’ as infinitive — unless they are at beginning or end of title). An initial article (e.g. ‘the’) is capitalized when included. An initial article is not capitalized when used with an abbreviation. The first word following a colon in a title is capitalized.
  • The titles of stories, chapters and sections of books, essays, lectures, articles, dissertations (unpublished), and radio and television shows are enclosed in quotation marks and capitalized as published documents are.
  • Musical compositions are capitalized and songs are enclosed in quotation marks. Long musical compositions, as whole operas or other performances, are capitalized and italicized or underlined.
  • Titles of legal and government agreements, documents, programs and acts/pacts/plans/policies/treaties are capitalized when used as proper nouns.
  • The names of legal cases are italicized and the abbreviation ‘v.’ used for’versus’. Legal writings/documents may not use italicization.

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