Animal Group, Young Names, and Male/Female Names

Animal Group/Collective Names

aardvark:  aarmory
albatross:  rookery
alligator:  congregation
alpaca:  flock, herd
ant:  colony, nest, army, swarm, bike
antelope:  herd, cluster
ape:  shrewdness, troop
ass:  pace, drove, herd, coffle
auk:  colony, flock, raft
baboon:  troop, flange, congress, tribe
badger:  cete, colony, set, company
barracuda:  battery
bass:  shoal, fleet
bat:  colony, cloud
bear:  sleuth, sloth, slought, maul
beaver:  family, lodge, colony
bee:  colony, grist, hum, swarm, hive, cluster
beetle:  swarm
bird (general):  fleet, parcel, dissimulation, flight, volery, cast, flock, aviary
bison:  herd, troop, gang, thunder
bittern:  sedge, flock, siege
bloodhound:  sute
boar:  singular, sounder, herd
bovine:  herd
buffalo:  gang, troop, herd, obstinacy
bullfinch:  bellowing
bullock:  drove
butterfly:  rabble, flight, swarm
buzzard:  wake, flock
camel:  flock, train, caravan, herd
caribou:  herd
cat:  clowder, clutter, pounce, cluster, colony, glorying, destruction (wild cats)
caterpillar:  army, nest
cattle:  drove, herd, bow, bunch, draft, drift, mob
cheetah:  coalition
chicken:  brood, clutch, flock, peep, hatching, battery
chimpanzee:  cartload
chinchilla:  colony
clam:  bed, flaccidity
cockroach:  intrusion, swarm
cod:  lap, school
colt:  rake, rage
coot:  cover
cow:  herd, drove, pack, team
coyote:  pack, rout
crab:  cast
crane:  sedge, siege, flock, herd
cricket:  orchestra
crocodile:  bask, nest, congregation, float
crow:  murder, horde, parcel, hover, muster
deer:  herd, leash, bevy, game, quarry, bunch, mob, parcel
dog:  gang, legion, kennel, pack (wild), litter (young)
dolphin:  team, school, pod, herd
donkey:  drove, herd, pace
dove:  dule, duet, flight, troop
duck:  brace, flock, gaggle, paddling, team, raft, badling, bunch, waddling
eagle:  convocation, brood, aerie
eel:  swarm, bed. draft, wisp, knot
elephant:  herd, host, flock, parade, memory
elk:  gang, herd
falcon:  passager, cast
ferret:  business, cast
finch:  charm, chirm, trembling, trimming
fish (general):  school, shoal, draft, nest, cast, draught, run, catch, drift, haul
flamingo:  stand, flamboyance
fly:  business, hatch, swarm, community, cloud, grist
flying fish:  glide
fowl:  plump
fox:  leash, skulk, earth, troop
frog:  army, colony, froggery, knot
gerbil:  horde
giraffe:  tower, troop, corps, herd, group, stretch
gnat:  cloud, horde, swarm, plague
gnu:  herd
goat:  tribe, trip, flock, herd
goldfinch:  charm, chattering, drum, troubling, vein
goldfish:  troubling
goose:  flock, gaggle, skein, line, wedge, nide
gorilla:  band
grasshopper:  cloud, cluster
greyhound:  gallop, leash
grouse:  covey, pack, brace, drumming
guinea pig:  group
gull:  colony, pack
hamster:  horde
hare:  down, husk, leap, , leash, flick, kindle, drove, warren
hawk:  cast, kettle, boil, leash, mews, aerie
hedgehog:  nest, array, prickle
hen:  brood, battery, parcel, roost, mews
heron:  siege, sedge
herring:  army, glean, shoal
hippopotamuses:  bloat, pod, herd, huddle
hog:  drift, drove, herd
hornet:  nest, bike, swarm
horse:  harras, herd, pair, team, stud, field, mob, troop
hound:  cry, mute, pack, kennel
hummingbird:  charm, chattering, drum, hover, troubling
hyena:  cackle, clan
impala:  herd
jackrabbit:  husk
jellyfish:  smack, brood, smuth, smuck, fluther
kangaroo:  mob, troop, herd
kitten:  kindle, kendle, litter, intrigue
lark:  ascension, exaltation, bevy, flight
lemur:  group
leopard:  leap, prowl
lice:  flock
lion:  pride, tribe, sault, sowse
llama:  herd
locust:  host, plague, swarm, cloud
louse:  colony, infestation, lice
mackerel:  school, shoal
magpie:  tiding, gulp, murder, charm, tittering, flock
mallard:  sord, brace, puddling, flush
manatee:  herd
marten:  richness
minnow:  shoal, steam, swarm
mole:  labor, company, movement
monkey:  troop, barrel, tribe, cartload
moose:  herd
mosquito:  scourge, swarm
mouse:  nest, colony, harvest, horde, mischief
mule:  barren, pack, span, rake
nighthawk:  kettle
nightingale:  watch, flock, route, match
orangutan:  buffoonery
ostrich:  flock
otter:  romp, bevy, lodge, family, raft
owl:  parliament, stare
ox:  yoke, team, drove, herd, nye
oyster:  bed, hive, cast, culch
parrot:  company, flock, prattle
partridge:  covey, bew
peacock:  muster, ostentation, pride
penguin:  colony, rookery, parade, parcel
pheasant:  bouquet, nest, nide, nye, brood, covey
pig:  drove, litter, drift, flock, hoggery, herd, sounder
pigeon:  flight, loft, flock, dropping
plover:  congregation, wing, leash
polar bear:  aurora, pack
polecat:  chine
pony:  string
porcupine:  prickle, family
porpoise:  school, crowd, herd, pod
possum:  passel
prairie dog:  coterie, town
quail:  bevy, covey, drift
rabbit:  colony, nest, warren, bevy, bury, drove
racoon:  nursery, mask
raptor:  cauldron, kettle
rat:  horde, mischief, rabble
raven:  unkindness, congress, conspiracy, parliament
reindeer:  herd
rhinoceros:  crash, herd
rook:  building, shoal, congregation, pack, parliament
salmon:  run, bind, gib, school, shoal
sardine:  family
scorpion:  bed, nest, colony
sea horse:  herd
seal:  pod, herd, school, trip, rookery, harem, team
shark:  shiver, school, shoal
sheep:  drove, flock, herd, drift, fold, mob, pack, trip
skunk:  stench, surfeit
snail:  escargatoire, rout, walk
snake:  bed, knot, den, pit, nest, slither
snipe:  walk, wisp
sparrow:  host, flight, quarrel, tribe
spider:  cluster, clutter, venom
squirrel:  dray, scurry, colony
starling:  murmuration, cloud, chattering, clutter
stork:  mustering, flight
swallow:  flight, rush, swoop
swan:  bevy, wedge, flock, game, team, ballet, regatta
swine:  drift, sounder, herd
swordfish:  flotilla
termite:  colony
tiger:  streak, ambush, hide. ambush
toad:  knot, nest, knob, lump
tortoise:  creep
trout:  hover, leash, troup
turkey:  rafter, posse, gang, dole, flock, raffle
turtle:  bale, bevy, nest, dule, turn
turtle dove:  pitying
toucan:  durante
viper:  nest, den
vulture:  wake
wallaby:  mob
walrus:  pod, herd, huddle
wasp:  nest, knot, bike, swarm, colony, pail
weasel:  pack, gang, sneak
whale:  gam, herd, grind, pod, shoal, school, mob
wild boar:  sounder
wolf:  pack, rout, route, horde
wombat:  mob, warren
woodcock:  fall, covey, plump
woodpecker:  descent, gatling
worm:  bed, bunch, clew
wren:  herd
yak:  herd
zebra:  herd, cohorts, crossing, stripe

Animal Young Names

aardvark:  pup
alligator:  hatchling
alpaca:  cria
ant:  antling, larva
anteater:  pup
antelope:  calf
ape:  baby, infant
armadillo:  pup
baboon:  infant
badger:  cub, kit
barracuda:  spet
bat:  pup
bear:  cub, whelp
beaver:  kit, kitten, pup
bee:  larva
beetle:  grub, mealworm
bird:  fledgling, nestling, chick, hatchling
bison:  calf
bittern:  chick
boar:  calf, farrow, piglet
bobcat:  cub, kitten
bovine:  calf
buffalo:  calf
butterfly:  caterpillar, chrysalis, larva, pupa
buzzard:  chick
camel:  calf, colt, foal
cat:  kit, kitten, kitty, puss, pussy
cattle:  calf, yearling, stirk
cattle (castrated male):  steer
cattle (male):  bullock
cattle (female):  heifer
cheetah:  cub
chicken:  chick, poult, fryer, pullet
chimpanzee:  infant
cicada:  nymph
clam:  chiton, littleneck
cod:  codling, hake, scrod
cockroach:  larva, nymph
coot:  chick
cougar:  cub, kitten
cow:  calf, heifer
coyote:  pup, whelp
crane:  chick, craneling
crocodile:  crocklet
crow:  chick
deer:  fawn, calf, kid
dog:  pup, whelp, puppy
dolphin:  calf, pup
donkey:  colt, foal
dotterel:  chick
dove:  chick
duck:  duckling, flapper
eagle:  eaglet, fledgling
eel:  fly, elver
elephant:  calf
elk:  calf
ewe:  teg
falcon:  cast, chick
ferret:  kit
finch:  chick
fish:  fingerling, fry, alevin
flamingo:  chick
fly:  grub, maggot
fowl:  chick, chicken; flapper
fox:  cub, kit, pup, whelp
frog:  polliwog, tadpole, froglet
gerbil:  pup
giraffe:  cub, whelp, calf
gnat:  larva
gnu:  calf
goat:  kid
goldfinch:  chick
goose:  gosling
goshawk:  chick
gorilla:  infant
grouse:  cheeper, chick
greyhound:  pup, puppy, whelp
grouse:  cheeper, poult
guinea pig:  pup
gull:  chick
hamster:  pup
hare:  leveret
hawk:  eyas, brancher
hedgehog:  piglet, pup
hen:  chick, pullet
heron:  chick
herring:  brit, sprat
hippopotamus:  calf
hog:  farrow, shoat, piglet
horse:  colt, filly, filt, foal, yearling
hummingbird:  chick
hyena:  cub, pup
hyrax:  bunny
impala:  calf
jellyfish:  ephyna
kangaroo:  joey
koala:  joey
lark:  chick
lemur:  infant
leopard:  cub
lion:  cub, whelp, lionet, shelp
llama:  cria
locust:  pupa
louse:  nit, nymph
lynx:  kitten
mackerel:  blinker, spike
magpie:  chick
mallard:  duckling
manatee:  calf
marten:  kit
meerkat:  pup
mink:  cub, kit
mole:  pup
monkey:  infant, suckling
moose:  cub, calf
mosquito:  larva, flapper, nymph, wiggler, wriggler
mouse:  kitten, pinkie, pup
mule:  foal
muskrat:  kit
nighthawk:  chick
nightingale:  chick
opossum:  joey
ostrich:  chick
otter:  pup, whelp
owl:  owlet, howlet
ox:  calf, stot
oyster:  spat, brood
panda:  cub
parrot:  chick
partridge:  cheeper, chick
peafowl:  peachick
pelican:  chick, nestling
penguin:  chick, fledgling
pheasant:  chick
pig:  piglet, shoat, farrow, suckling
pigeon:  squab, squeaker, nestling
pike:  fingerling, fry
plover:  chick
polar bear:  cub
polecat:  kit
porcupine:  pup
porpoise:  calf
possum:  joey
quail:  cheeper, chick, squealer
rabbit:  bunny, kit, kitten, nestling, leveret
raccoon:  cub, kit
raven:  chick
reindeer:  fawn, calf
rhinoceros:  calf
rook:  chick
rooster:  cockerel
salmon:  alevin, fry, parr, samlet, skegger, smolt
sandpiper:  chick
scorpion:  instar
seal:  calf, pup, weaner, cub, whelp
sea lion:  pup, weaner, cub, whelp
shark:  cub, pup
sheep:  lamb, lambkin, cosset, hog, yearling
skunk:  kit, kitten
snake:  snakelet
sow:  gilt, piglet
sparrow:  chick
spider:  spiderling
squirrel:  kit, kitten, nestling, pup
stallion:  colt
starling:  chick
stork:  chick
swallow:  chick
swan:  cygnet, flapper
Tasmanian devil:  joey
termite:  larva, nymph
tiger:  cub, whelp
toad:  tadpole
trout:  fingerling, fry
turkey:  poult, chick
turtle:  hatchling
turtle dove:  chick
viper:  snakelet
wallaby:  joey
walrus:  pup
wasp:  larva
weasel:  kit
whale:  calf
wild boar:  boarlet
wolf:  cub, whelp, pup
wombat:  joey
woodchuck:  cub, kit
woodcock:  chick
woodpecker:  chick
yak:  calf
zebra:  foal, colt

Animal Male/Female Names

alligator:  bull(M); cow(F)
alpaca:  stallion(M)
ant:  gyne(F), queen(F)
anteater:  male; female
antelope:  buck(M); doe(F)
ape:  male; female
armadillo:  male; female
ass:  dicky(M), jack(M), jackass(M); jenny(F), she-ass(F)
baboon:  male; female
badger:  boar(M); sow(F)
bat:  male; female
bear:  boar(M); sow(F), ursa(F)
bee:  drone(M); queen(F), queen-bee(F), worker(F)
beetle:  male; female
bird (general):  cock(M); hen(F)
bison:  bull(M); cow(F)
bittern:  cock(M); hen(F)
boar:  boar(M); sow(F)
buffalo:  bull(M); cow(F)
butterfly:  male; female
buzzard:  cock(M); hen(F)
camel:  bull(M), stallion(M); cow(F), mare(F)
cat:  tom(M), tomcat(M), gib(M), gib-cat(M); puss(F), queen(F), tabby(F)
cattle:  bull(M); cow(F)
cheetah:  male; female
chicken:  cock(M), rooster(M); biddy(F), hen(F)
chimpanzee:  male; female
cockroach:  male; female
cod:  male; female
coot:  cock(M); hen(F)
coyote:  dog(M); bitch(F), gyp(F)
crane:  cock(M); hen(F)
crocodile:  bull(M); cow(F)
deer:  buck(M), hart(M), stag(M); doe(F), hind(F), roe(F), teg(F)
dog:  dog(M); bitch(F)
dolphin:  bull(M); cow(F)
donkey:  dicky(M), jack(M), jack-ass(M); jennet(F), jenny(F), she-ass(F)
dove:  cock(M); hen(F)
duck:  drake(M); duck(F)
eagle:  male; female
eel:  male; female
elephant:  bull(M); cow(F), koomkie(F)
elk:  bull(M); cow(F)
falcon:  tercel(M), terzel(M); falcon(F)
ferret:  dog(M), hob(M), buck(M), jack(M); doe(F), jill(F), bitch(F)
finch:  cock(M); hen(F)
flamingo:  cock(M); hen(F)
fly:  male; female
fox:  dog(M), reynard(M), vix(M); vixen(F)
frog:  male; female
gerbil:  buck(M); doe(F)
giraffe:  bull(M); cow(F), doe(F)
gnat:  male; female
gnu:  bull(M); cow(F)
goat:  billy(M), buck(M); doe(F), nanny(F)
goldfinch:  cock(M); hen(F)
goose:  gander(M), steg(M); dame(F), goose(F)
gorilla:  male; female
greyhound:  dog(M); bitch(F)
grouse:  cock(M), gorcock(M); hen(F), gorhen(F)
guinea pig:  boar(M), buck(M); doe(F), sow(F)
gull:  cock(M); hen(F)
hamster:  buck(M); doe(F)
hare:  buck(M), jack(M); doe(F), jill(F), puss(F)
hawk:  tiercel(M); haggard(F), hen(F)
hedgehog:  boar(M); sow(F)
heron:  cock(M); hen(F)
hippopotamus:  bull(M); cow(F)
hog:  boar(M); gilt(F), sow(F)
horse:  sire(M), stallion(M), stud(M); dam(F), mare(F)
hummingbird:  cock(M); hen(F)
hyena:  dog(M); bitch(F)
impala:  buck(M); doe(F)
kangaroo:  boomer(M), buck(M), jack(M); doe(F), flyer(F), jill(F), roo(F)
koala:  male; female
lark:  cock(M); hen(F)
lemur:  male; female
leopard:  leopard(M); leopardess(F)
lion:  lion(M); lioness(F)
llama:  male; female
lobster:  cock(M); hen(F)
locust:  male; female
magpie:  cock(M); hen(F)
mallard:  drake(M); duck(F)
manatee:  bull(M); cow(F)
mink:  boar(M); sow(F)
mole:  male; female
monkey:  male; female
moose:  bull(M); cow(F)
mosquito:  male; female
mouse:  buck(M); doe(F)
mule:  jack(M); hinney(F)
nighthawk:  cock(M); hen(F)
nightingale:  cock(M); hen(F)
opossum:  jack(M); jill(F)
ostrich:  cock(M); hen(F)
otter:  male; female
ox:  bull(M), steer(M); cow(F)
panda:  boar(M); sow(F)
parrot:  cock(M); hen(F)
partridge:  cock(M); chantrelle(F), hen(F)
pelican:  cock(M); hen(F)
penguin:  male; female
pig:  barrow(M), boar(M), hog(M); gilt(F), sow(F)
pheasant:  cock(M); hen(F)
pigeon:  cock(M); hen(F)
polar bear:  boar(M); sow(F)
polecat:  hob(M); jill(F)
porcupine:  boar(M); sow(F)
porpoise:  bull(M); cow(F)
possum:  jack(M); jill(F)
prairie dog:  boar(M); sow(F)
quail:  cock(M); hen(F)
rabbit:  buck(M); doe(F)
raccoon:  boar(M); sow(F)
rat:  buck(M); doe(F)
raven:  cock(M); hen(F)
reindeer:  bull(M); cow(F)
rhinoceros:  bull(M); cow(F)
rook:  cock(M); hen(F)
salmon:  jack(M); hen(F), raun(F)
seal:  bull(M); cow(F), matka(F)
sea lion:  bull(M); cow(F), matka(F)
shark:  bull(M); female(F)
sheep:  ram(M), tup(M), wether(M); ewe(F)
skunk:  boar(M)
snake:  male; female
snipe:  cock(M); hen(F)
sparrow:  cock(M); hen(F)
spider:  male; female
squirrel:  buck(M); doe(F)
starling:  cock(M); hen(F)
stork:  cock(M); hen(F)
swallow:  cock(M); hen(F)
swan:  cob(M); pen(F)
termite:  king(M), male(M); queen(F), female(F)
tiger:  tiger(M); tigress(F)
toad:  male; female
trout:  jack(M); shedder(F)
turkey:  gobbler(M), tom(M), jack(M)(young); jen(F), jenny(F)(young)
turtle:  male; female
turtle dove:  cock(M); hen(F)
viper:  male; female
wallaby:  jack(M); jill(F)
walrus:  bull(M); cow(F)
wasp:  drone(M); queen(F), worker(F)
weasel:  buck(M), dog(M), hob(M), jack(M); bitch(F), doe(F), jill(F)
whale:  bull(M); cow(F)
widgeon:  drake(M); duck(F)
wild boar:  boar(M); sow(F)
wolf:  dog(M), he-wolf(M); bitch(F), she-wolf(F)
wombat:  jack(M); jill(F)
woodchuck:  he-chuck(M); she-chuck(F)
woodcock:  rooster(M); hen(F)
woodpecker:  cock(M); hen(F)
wren:  jenny(F), jennywren(F)
yak:  bull(M); cow(F), dri(F), nak(F)
zebra:  stallion(M); mare(F)


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