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What Exactly Is the Spring Equinox?

We get pretty excited about the spring equinox bringing us out of winter and officially starting the season of spring. But what exactly is the spring equinox? And does an equinox happen at the start of every season? First, let’s get into the equinox, which actually occurs just twice a year. The word equinox comes from [...]

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    From Suffrage to Sisterhood: What Does “Feminism” Actually Mean?

    International Women’s Day (March 8th) is an opportunity to celebrate the amazing women in our lives. It’s also a time to remember how far women have come over the course of American history, and the inspiring women who made it happen. From the suffragist movement of the 1800s to the Women’s March on Washington in [...]

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    And The Award Goes To…

    The four major performing arts honor their respective members with separate and distinct award ceremonies. Some award recipients may show disdain for the process and boycott the presentation, but others seem happy to accept the recognition of their peers on the world stage. It’s interesting to note that three of the four award ceremonies make [...]

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