• Does Grammar Matter in the Workplace?

    Certain employers say it’s important to them that their workers exhibit good grammar. But is bad grammar a valid reason to bar someone from a job? Recently, in the Harvard Business Review, Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit and founder of Dozuki, wrote an article called “I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar.” In the […]

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  • Two words may cost $548 million? Find out why

    Words are powerful, but rarely can you put a specific dollar value on them. Here’s a case where two words have put a chunk of change at stake: How about half a billion dollars? Earlier this month, the Santa Clara Valley Water District in Northern California turned in a ballot proposal to put a $548 […]

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  • What is lost when a language goes extinct?

    Are some languages able to express certain ideas better than others? Are there concepts that exist in particular languages and nowhere else? As more and more languages become extinct, linguists are realizing that they contain a type of knowledge beyond simply a different set of words and grammar. In the next fifty years, linguists believe that 3,500 languages […]

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