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Basketball Trades and German Television Shows Drive Lookup Spikes

Podcast interviews, Father’s Day, and the German version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? made unusual words trend in lookup volume this week. What words were people looking up more than usual? fatherhood: the state of being a father; the qualities or spirit of a father. Father’s Day was Sunday, June 21, and a number of [...]

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The Problem with Awesome

Many words have been wasted on the subject of when adulthood starts. Some hold that it comes about with the right to drink alcoholic beverages or vote in an election. For particularly stringent grammarians of a certain generation, the rite of passage that marks the official start of adulthood is the point at which one [...]

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You Didn’t Invent That: Shakespeare’s Spurious Neologisms

One of the most cherished beliefs of people who collect facts about English is that Shakespeare is the greatest linguistic inventor the language has ever seen. You cannot travel very far online before coming across some article or listicle asserting that he was responsible for giving birth to some exceedingly large portion of our vocabulary, [...]

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