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William Shakespeare, neolgoism

Shakespeare’s Novel Neologisms We Still Use

In honor of William Shakespeare, we’d like to share some words popularized by the Bard himself. Shakespeare died on April 23rd and was baptized on April 26th; his actual birth date remains unknown. Did Shakespeare coin the following terms? Probably not—these words may have been in conversational usage when he committed them to the page, or [...]

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  • Thugs_Strangling_Traveller

    Words on the Move: Thug

    In recent past the word thug has been receiving quite a lot of attention, following its use to describe rioters, looters, and occasionally, non-violent protesters in Baltimore last year. Thug has been poked and prodded, argued over ad nauseam, and written about quite extensively. At issue is the question of whether or not it has [...]

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