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Hail To The Chief: The Origination Of Presidents’ Day

If you live in the United States, you might have a Monday in February off (unless you work retail). That special Monday is Presidents’ Day! But you might be interested to know that the Presidents’ Day holiday isn’t the official name of the holiday at all, and some states customize the day, too. The Uniform [...]

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    Totespeak on Fleek

    Every generation has its own style of verbal communication. It usually starts young, so it makes sense that the prime users of social media can be blamed (or applauded, depending on your point of view) for the explosion of trendy slang we’ll call totespeak. Totes? Yes, it’s obviously a derivation of the word totally, which [...]

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    Dictionary.com Gets To The Heart Of Valentine’s Day

    It’s a day that has spawned more Hallmark cards and movie specials than you can possibly imagine. If you have a special someone to share it with, you’re really into it. If there is no special someone at the moment, you send a card to yourself and wait for the 15th. Love is a complex [...]

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