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The Other Easter Eggs: Coded Messages and Hidden Treats

When was the last time you discovered an Easter egg hiding in plain sight? If your answer was “at the last Easter egg hunt I went to,” it’s time to expand your playing field. The term Easter egg started popping up in the 16th and 17th centuries. As most would guess, its original meaning refers [...]

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  • bunny

    What’s the Difference Between a Bunny, a Rabbit and a Hare?

    While the religious contexts of Easter can be well understood, the commercialized variants get a little crazy: an anthropomorphized bunny, baskets, pastel colors and eggs? There’s too much to tackle in that semantic basket, so we’ll answer a different crucial question: what’s the difference between a rabbit, a hare and a bunny? Let’s start with [...]

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    The Reasons to Swear. A Lot.

    Fair warning: The language here could get a little strong for some tastes. Raise your hand if you’ve ever slipped up and said a curse word in front of your boss, your grandma, or anyone else you probably shouldn’t have. We’re right there with you (totally raised our hands). Don’t be too hard on yourself. [...]

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